Q.) I don't like this website. Can you take it down? Dan, Ord, Nebraska

A.) Hi, Dan. Thanks for the feedback and question. Yes, if enough people ask for us to remove this website, we will take it down for good. 

Q.) I don't know what you're doing but I know what I don't like when I see it. Can you delete this site? Bob, Ottumwa, Iowa

A.) Hi, Bob. This is a popular topic. Yes, we will delete the site if most people are against it.

Q.) I won't help your movement, but I would take a free brownie. Can I still get one if I am opposed to everything you're doing? Anita, Duluth, Minnesota

A.) Hi, Anita. Yes, you can have a free brownie no matter what. There are two ways to do this. Visit us while we're on tour and grab a brownie or write us to say you plan to come up with a useless but almost nice project in your town and we'll enter you in the brownies-by-mail contest.  

If you have a comment for Q&A, please send it to darngoodbrownies@gmail.com.