How it works

The Darn Brownies process is simple – we set up a table on a sidewalk, hang up our sign that announces "Free Brownies" and say to people who walk by, "Hello, please have a brownie."  If you would like a brownie, we ask that you sign up for the brownie movement and come up with something good to do in your community. But you don't have to do anything. You can just take a brownie and stroll away. There will be no hard feelings. 

People have visited from more than 200 cities and dozens of countries. We will soon be listing all members and their projects. Here  is a sample of the supporters:

My mom, Des Moines, Iowa

C. Welsch., Paris, France

S. Becker., Blue Springs, Missouri

J. O'Roake, Mason City, Iowa

S. Schroeder, Paris, France

J. Knight, Des Moines, Iowa

A. Labbas, Pierrelaye, France

T. Vidon, St. Cloud, France

C. Jackson, Paris

M. Philips, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Susan Frantz, Ankeny, Iowa

N. Knight, Villennes sur Seine, France

A. Ali, Washington, D.C.

K. Gamble, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

S. Jones, London