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Click below to see the Darn Brownies founder try to explain on live TV the point of giving away brownies for no reason.

By Jennifer Miller

If you're out and about and you run across a friendly-faced fellow who wants to give you a gooey, rich chocolate brownie – for free and for no good reason at all – you'd do well to take it. Don't look at him like he's nuts (though he may be – in a good way). Just take the darn brownie, enjoy it and smile because someone just gave you a delicious homemade brownie for free. And just like that, you will have been a part of Chris Knight's Darn Brownies project. 

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By Amy Scattergood

Some of you may recall that Chris Knight — the Iowa-born, Paris-based journalist who started a project called Darn Brownies — came to town recently, to continue his mission of making and giving away free brownies just to make people happy and, hopefully by example, to do something good for their community. 

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San Jose Mercury News

Darn Brownies: A recipe for world peace?

By Angela Hill

So there's this guy, Chris Knight, a journalist originally from Iowa and now Paris, who is roaming about California this summer setting up a card table in various places and handing out free homemade brownies.

Just to hand out brownies. Really. No catch. 

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LA Weekly

Giving away brownies for no good reason

By Amy Scattergood

A random act of kindness starts like this: a rain of cocoa powder, dark and rich and intensely chocolatey, poured into a big ceramic bowl with sugar and butter, then creamed with vanilla and eggs, then flour and salt. ... you let them cool, try not to eat them all — and then give them away. This is what Chris Knight, an Iowa-born journalist in Paris, decided to re-enact, repeatedly, this summer, making and bestowing free brownies upon total strangers through his project Darn Brownies.

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