Good wine and no-cost brownies

At Border Grill in Santa Monica last Thursday, people were waiting for a free brownie before I arrived and even as I was packing up a few hours later. Dozens stopped by to offer encouraging words, sign up, eat a snack and pledge to do something small but nice for no good reason.

Just as Jesus brought out the best wine at the end of his parties, at, the people who showed up at the finish got the best cake. I gave out a slightly burnt batch first, so I apologize now to people who came early. If you come again, I'll be a better baker

Thank you to LA food blog writer Amy Scattergood as well as to Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken of the Food Network cooking show, "Too Hot Tamales.'' Susan (pictured) and Mary Sue offered space in front of their Santa Monica restaurant and even joined me by handing out dozens of Border Choco-Bites to go with the brownies. 

More than 50 people signed up for the movement, and nearly 60 people took brownies. I ate only one brownie myself this time, because they were going fast. Dozens of people smiled at the new colorful star sign designed by my wife, Nathalie Verplaetse, and then just kept on walking. One man with a small dog said everything looked too risky as he strolled past without taking anything. I appreciate all the visitors who signed up but would like to point out Brianna McCarthy, who shouted, "Hey, brownie man!" when she spotted the stand.

Susan Feniger of Border Grill showing her support.

Susan Feniger of Border Grill showing her support.