Dachshunds and an old wooden spoon

Darn Brownies continues to be a leader in no-cost, free-range cake. We guarantee our brownies will never live in a cage, never go behind glass, never have a price on them, never be cooked in a commercial oven, never be prepared by anything but an old wooden spoon. The goal since the beginning has been to get a brownie into the hands of anyone who wants one, no matter where you live, no matter where you were born, no matter how many push-ups you can do, no matter which political candidate you support, no matter how you put your pants on in the morning. The movement has moved to Iowa and is searching for a new site. Some of the biggest foodies in Des Moines -- John Knight, Barbara Dietrich Boose and William Westbrook --have recommended Mars Cafe, Court Avenue Brewing Co. or El Bait Shop. Darn Brownies has been invited to appear on KCWI television channel 23 in Des Moines next Thursday morning to explain the benefits of making brownies and handing them out for free to total strangers. This is not an easy market for free stuff. Just since arriving in Des Moines a couple weeks ago, I have spotted free water and free books. But any city that has a playgroup just for Dachshunds should be just right. Visit darnbrownies.com to be informed of the next giveaway location.

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