Crossing the border for brownies

All over the sunny, friendly state of California, I see brownies and they all have prices on them. At, the cake is always free, as long as people promise to try to play it forward and do something else nice but a bit ridiculous for their community. The forward-thinking Border Grill in Santa Monica at 1445 4th St. thinks that doing such actions for no good reason is "a wonderful idea" and is letting us set up a free brownie stand this Thursday from 5 p.m. until the brownies run out. To be sure there are still brownies before driving over, you can text me at 011 33 6 24 85 93 01. After one person told me he would never take free cake from a guy with a table built on sawhorses and a disposable tablecloth, we now are using a teak folding table and a fabric cloth as well as an official T-shirt. Also, all the brownie ingredients are now locally sourced where possible.