One brownie at a time

Darn Brownies was created to give away brownies for free for no good reason. We are roaming from city to city setting up brownie stands and handing out cake. There are no tricks. You can take the brownie and walk away forever, if you would like. Our main goal is just to give away brownies. But if you are willing, we ask that you join our movement and try to come up with something similarly nice you can do for your community. And help us change the world one brownie at a time. 

My experience was excellent. I would return for more free brownies in a heartbeat.
— Brian, father of 2, San Carlos, California
I ate my free brownie and then went ahead and ate the one I took for my husband.
— Bernadette, mother of 3, Des Moines, Iowa

Darn Brownies

Doing Actions that basically Result in Nothing

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Join us

Send in a little project for your town, like giving away cake, and get entered in drawings for the official free brownies T-shirt. Or just tell us you support the movement and might come up with a foolish idea in the near future. This will make you a member as well as give you access to the site's signature recipe for Belgian chocolate chunk brownies.

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Live brownies

Darn Brownies is on tour. The first free brownie events were held in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The most recent ones took place in Des Moines, Iowa. See the project's founder on morning TV offering free brownies and attempting to explain the concept: click.

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Mom's old-fashioned brownies recipe is available now on this site.

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